Cloud Server


A ‘cloud’ is created by redundant servers, networks, power supplies and air conditioning acting together. Hosting your server in the cloud is no more than a virtual machine located in a datacenter. At all times, it determines automatically which hardware your website or application needs, and makes it available.

What’s the advantage of such a solution compared to hosting your own server? Guaranteed uptime and performance, security, scalability and no hardware investments at all.

Maximal uptime in the cloud

We are specialists in cloud hosting and offer best Uptime and Support. We have know-how about various components, hardware & software that play a crucial role in cloud hosting.

Cloud Servers

Choose between servers that run on Microsoft server or Linux Operating System in a private cloud.

Cloud Backup

Cloud back-ups are automatized and are easy to use, secure and affordable.

Managed Services

Time-consuming upgrades and security patches are things of the past. Partial or complete outsource infrastructure management and maintenance.

Cloud Security

We guard all the security aspects of your cloud solution. We secure all access points, on different layers.

Cloud Replication

Cloud replication stores an exact and ready-to-use copy of all your virtual servers in the cloud.

Content Delivery Network

Using a content delivery network, international users or visitors have an equally fast connection to your website, through a local server.

What does our cloud mean to you?


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