DropBox Reseller

Official Dropbox Reseller

As an official DropBox Reseller, PIXS is proud to provide his clients with one of the most effective Files in the cloud solution in the market. 

Why PIXS can help you with setting up your file sharing solution?

For smaller businesses, in particular, being able to share files across collaborators and devices has become a real concern. People are not always used to the materials they have in their pocket. We have therefore followed the training to adapt our level of support to each customer situation.

Rather than incurring important unpredictable expenses for file storage and backup to prevent IT issues, businesses can rely on our strong knowledge of the different solutions provided by DropBox for a fixed recurring fee.

Organisations no longer have to worry whether the software is up-to-date, as all this is taken care of by the provider. They can also get access to newer technologies which they may not have been able to afford by themselves.

Outsourcing management of services like security and cloud reduces the amount of time that in-house departments have to spend on it.

What Is Dropbox?

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage system on the market and it continues to improve its features. Dropbox allows users to move files, such as images and video, off their computers and onto a database in the cloud. Furthermore, it lets users save space and share files quickly.

When users save a file directly to the cloud, they usually ask themselves ‘what if I accidentally lose or delete it’? The moment a document is saved to Dropbox, it’s backed up. This not only gives peace of mind, but it also saves potential hardware space. This is because users won’t need to back the file up on their hard drive.
When it comes to recovering a file, users want a simple process to retrieve their data. Rest assured, Dropbox makes the procedure very easy. It requires absolutely no technical know-how or live support. All users can restore the files on their own without any help. This reduces IT involvement for businesses as well.

Dropbox stands out among cloud storage options because of how well it integrates with other systems. Not only does it have a highly diverse group of integrations, but it’s also partnered with some of the most popular companies available. It meshes with Microsoft and Slack, just to name a few. It even syncs with more comprehensive cloud storage systems, like digital asset management.

Dropbox’s assorted integrations enhance your currently-used software systems. Whether it be the IT department’s software or the marketing team’s tools, Dropbox likely has integration with them. This ensures projects are completed quickly and efficiently.

One potential issue is access susceptibility. Companies understand that with Dropbox, there will be downtime. The key is being able to continue to work and edit files during this time. Fortunately, Dropbox makes certain this is possible by allowing offline work. Users can continue to edit files during periods of no internet access and the work they complete is automatically put into place once the access returns.
Another thing companies like is the automatic syncing of files within the system. If a team member is using Dropbox for a project, everything must be working correctly – whether the internet is available to them or not. Dropbox ensures the project continues whether the internet fails or not.
Chances are your company will have to decide whether to use a cloud storage system at some point. Dropbox should be examined and considered due to its ease of use and high popularity.